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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mississauga Marathon Training Week 12!

What another GREAT week!

I had some great runs, I turned 35 and I ended the week running my first 30k at Around the Bay!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: It was SUCH an amazing day weather wise that I couldn't bare to hit the treadmill even if they do have personal TVs. I headed out (from King and Yonge) and ran down to Jarvis to Queens Quay to Spadina and back. It was a tempo run, but I'm not sure I trust my watch because it was kinda spazzing when I asked it to track pace and stuff with all of the large buildings in the big TDot. I have to go with it though, its all I've got. 7k, 38:56

Wednesday: My 35th birthday! As always, I had dinner at my parents before Run Club and my mum came through with my traditional Strawberry Shortcake in cupcake form:

After that, I was ready to tackle a record 9 hills at Thomas Street with the group! 11.5k (9x500m hills), 1:11:51

Thursday: Run club 10k night. I started out pretty quickly with our clinic leader, but quickly reeled it in considering Around the Bay was up on Sunday. 10.19k, 1:04:39

Friday: Rest.

Saturday: I just headed out and ran without looking at the watch much and letting my mind wander. I had watched Spirit of the Marathon on Thursday so I thought a lot about what it would be like when I cross my own finish line on May 6th. 6.29k, 38:16

Sunday: My first 30k run and first Around the Bay. It was a super-amazing day and run! 30.22k, 3:18:12 (chip). Here are some photos:

The Finish!

Whoops! They caught me mid-tweet!

I love this race, even though I'm dying of sweat and heat as seen by my pit stains!

Proof that my silly smile wasn't just a put on when I noticed the cameras.

Our group (minus Anila who finished about seven minutes behind us). L-R: me, Julie, Peter, Peggy, Steph. Paul is squatting.

Total KM: 65.2, Total Time: 6:51:54, Average Pace per KM: 0:06:19

Have you ever entered a race and run it as a training run? Did it end up being one of the most fun times ever? Have you ever text, tweeted, Facebooked or otherwise engaged with people via a mobile device during a race? Can you believe I posted photos of those pit stains?


  1. Great week of training! Love your ATB pics...they are amazing..you are very photogenic!

  2. I especially love the pic of you caught "mid-tweet"

  3. Okay, you are way too happy in those photos! LOL! Awesome. Another great week! Home stretch coming up.....

  4. Awesome photos! I could see any of the first 3 photos being used to promote the race. You definitely look like you're having FUN!

  5. happy belated birthday! that mini strawberry shortcake looks soo good.

  6. I couldn't even see those pit stains! You look awesome in all of those race pictures. I may just have to hate you for that! LOL

  7. Nice pics you had, it was such a great post. Great job well done from the start till the marathon race, Congratulations ! Thanks for sharing too.


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