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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday

Here we go! Time for another What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday thanks to the lovely Jenn (click image above). I had really wanted to bring you a post focused on what I ate during a day of camping last week, but alas, the camera was never at easy reach, and my phone was locked away in the car. So, you'll just have to suffer through a typical Tuesday from me (August 7th)

Breakfast was amazing! Honey Shreddies which I highly recommend and sliced strawberries, which are a summer staple for me.

I was a bit hungry by 10:30 and well done my grande bold, so I ate a granola bar.

I REALLY had a craving for a bacon sandwich, but I stuck with the lunch I had brought and only indulged in some toasted sourdough bread.

Dinner was great for a Tuesday! We had left over chicken from a BBQ, so I created a mock gravy to simmer it in (chicken stock, cornstarch and spices). With rice and broccoli, it was a perfect meal.

When I got home from Alasdair's baseball game, I indulged in desert and some Olympics instead of going for a run (I don't get the bike evens where they go slow until the last lap and then bike like crazy).

I was still snacky at 9am and well over the Olympics and into my second reading of Catching Fire, so I indulged even more.

So that's my day in eats and non-exercise. Yesterday was a very BLAH day for me. I think it may have been returning to work from the long weekend. I plan to run it out tonight with at least 8-10k.


  1. I've been digging watching the Olympics too - I only wish I had dessert while watching!

    Also, I nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award over at my blog :)

  2. Mmmmmm such a balanced & tasty-looking diet!

  3. I had intentions of recording some camping eats for WIAW but kept forgetting... alas I have not even managed to post a regular day in some time!

    Mmmm LOVE honey shreddies!!


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