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Friday, August 3, 2012

July Recap

July ended up being a great month. I decided to work around my life and to not worry so much about the five day training plan. I aimed to get four solid days of running in per week and enjoyed less pressure and being able to be more flexible with what my husband and family wanted to do.

# of runs: 17 (I got in 4 runs per week per the new plan)

Longest run: 27k My running friend Julie met me at my house last Friday after I had run about 9k. We then headed out for another 17, but my route was longer then expected. It is so nice to have company on a long run. We are planning to do the same tomorrow during my 29k run with Julie meeting me for the last 10k!

Races: 0

Total KM: 182.4 – Not a bad month indeed!

Total time spent running: 18h34m33s

Average pace per KM: 0:06:07

I also managed to up my tempo pace mid-month and am now running about three miles of tempo at 5:01/km pace (8:06/mi). It feels good. I hope that it will continue to feel good so that I can bust out the speed at the half marathon.

August should be fun with the Midsummer Night's 30k Race right in the middle.

I hope you enjoyed a great month!


  1. Wowza1! almost a full day spent running!!!

  2. You're getting super speedy!! I'm sure that you'll get your PR no probs! BTW, I saw someone post on DM last week that the Milton course has been changed because of construction. Hopefully it's for the better for you.

  3. Wow! What an amazing month you had. Congratulations on getting in all that running. Bet you are gonna rock August too.


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