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Monday, December 22, 2008

Dec 19-21 + Weigh-in

151.6 lbs, so yeah, 150 lbs is still taking a pass on me, but it is my own fault.

The weekend was bad. That’s it. That’s all. I’ll try to remember how it all went down.

Friday, I was fine until dinner. I ate great for B & L, in fact I had my sweet potato and black bean burrito for lunch post work out at Curves. But then, due to snowmagedon which the GTA experienced, I stayed with my folks so as not to risk the life of my small child and ended up eating two decadent chocolate chip cookies (really, the best cookies known to man-kind), and chips. While my lovely father did offer me a pop or beer, I did manage to stick to water, thus getting my 2.0L in.

It gets way worst on Saturday. Toast with PB for breakfast and a coffee. Then I picked up the husband and we had a bank appointment. We had the kid with us. We needed to go to WalMart. We decided to eat lunch there. In McDonalds. I had 4 chicken McNuggets and the equivalent of a small fry. I think I even had regular coke. On the upside, my kid at ½ a nugget which means he ate chicken for the first time voluntarily. Then we went to two Christmas open houses post nap (for the kid, not me). I guess you could say that I ate chili for dinner, which isn’t bad, but I also ate cheese, crackers, salsa dip and chips, cheese/pastry appetizer things and um 3 glasses of wine and 3 beers (shit! SHIT! There goes the no beers till Christmas goal!).


I had high hopes of getting on the treadmill on Sunday. I really did. But instead of waking up when my eyes opened at 6:30 am to get shit done, I took three ibuprofen and went back to sleep for two hours instead. So, six hours later I had eaten 2x rye toast with PB, 2x coffee, 2x Clementine’s and had made Choco-Banana Magic Bars, Oreo truffles (bag of Oreos, box of cream cheese, chocolate), spaghetti sauce and lasagna and had showered. Then friends came over, I ate a few appetizers (Samoa’s and cheese/pastry puff things), ONE glass of wine, salad, a piece of lasagna, 1.5 magic bars 3 Oreo truffles and a cup of tea. I’m pretty proud of the lack of booze in my meals yesterday. I likely got in 1.0L of water

Well, I guess the holiday’s and thus the holiday eating has begun. Sigh. I hope that I can get to 150 by Jan 5th. That is the goal. Eye on the prize, right? Right?

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