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Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend of indulgences

Sat Dec 13
B: Granola bar, coffee
L: Minestrone Soup
S: Small dinner roll with brie
EX: 30 mins on treadmill – walk on incline for 5 min, run for 20 min, cool down for 5 min
D: Pork chop, sweet potatoes, corn
S: Salt and Vinegar chips
H2O: Over 2L

Sun Dec 14
B: Soft boiled egg and 2x whole wheat toast with butter
L: Minestrone Soup
S: Mouthful of black beans and one of sweet potato (from dinner I was cooking), tasting of soup, Clementine, hot chocolate with shot of Bailey’s
D: Sheppard’s Pie, glass of milk
S: Salt and Vinegar chips, 4 glasses of wine (fail! – watched the finale of Survivor)
H2O: Over 2L

Let’s look at the positives:
1) Drank 2L water both days
2) Used treadmill
3) Did not drink beer
4) Made three healthy dinners for the week

Let’s just forget about all that chip eating and wine drinking, eh?

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