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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 3! - Mississauga Marathon Training

Another fantastic week!

Monday: Rest. I did spend about 15 minutes doing some push ups, crunches, dips and planks. I need to do more of these.

Tuesday: Treadmill tempo during lunch hour. I hit the pace perfectly and felt great. 6.44k, 37:53

Wednesday: Group free run, 10k with Tempo. This run sucked. But as Lindsay pointed out, it was likely mental as I did most of the tempo at a pretty good pace. 9.63k, 56:40

Thursday: Clinic run. The schedule had us down for 8k, but the leader only had a 6k map. I wanted to stick to the schedule so I did the run and then tacked on the extra 2k from the store. This easy run felt great! 8k, 50:34

Friday: Rest. Man, I needed it!

Saturday: This was a beautiful day! The sun was shining, even if the sidewalks/roads were snowy due to a nighttime snowfall. I met with my friend Kerry and we ran together in the wonderful sun. 9.6k, 1:03:31

Sunday: I had a goal to run 30k this weekend which meant a 20k run on Sunday. I was scheduled to meet with Alison from the clinic and her friend Sarah in town for our run, but they were going shorter distances then me. I got around this by leaving my house at 0640 and running 5k before meeting with them for 14k more, plus 1k home after I left them. Another wonderful morning with clean roads. It feels so AMAZING to get back home before 9am knowing that the group has only run about 3-6k. 20k, 2:08:25

All in all, another great week minus Wednesday! I missed my highest mileage week by 2.45k, but I know I'll break that soon enough. Next week will be a cut back week as I'm racing the Robbie Burns 8k race on Sunday.

Total KM: 53.77
Total Time: 5:37:03
Average pace per KM: 0:06:16


  1. Great week indeed. Running is so much fun when we get towards the goal.

  2. I need to adopt your training plan when I do my marathon


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