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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday!

Once again, hosted by
Peas & Crayons,

I bring you my new favorite post to write: What I Ate Wednesday!
(Note, all food in this post was consumed on Tuesday!)

6am Breakfast - Yogurt with 1 tsp of fish oil stirred in and a homemade whole wheat, oat bran and flax blueberry muffin (those are ice crystals on it, I make a batch and freeze them so I have breakfast options)

Shared with this guy (who was awake at the un-Godly hour of 0400.


8am, once at work (I like strong coffee and I always get a bold at the 'bucks. I don't mind Tim Horton's, but it is not my absolute fave):

It was a busy morning, so this snack of cantaloupe was eaten between 11 and 12:20 before I went for a run:

1:40pm lunch, mini quiche, mixed greens and cherry tomatoes with balsamic dressing and carrot sticks with hummus:

6pm dinner. Homemade turkey pot pie. Yes, we still have turkey in the freezer from Christmas. This was made with the turkey, a can of low fat cream of chicken soup, some s&p, some dried rosemary and frozen peas, carrots, corn, peppers and asparagus. It was so tasty, but I limited myself to the one piece:

Cranberry juice. Taken just to get those immunity plus drops down. Man, they are alcohol-y! (I also drank about 4L of water throughout the day):

9pm. Oreo truffles. Again, these are from Christmas and reside in the freezer. I should just bring them into work and get them eaten. So easy to make and so yummy!
I can offer the recipes for the muffins, the quiche and the truffles if anyone is interested. Just ask.

I must say again, that I love this post! It really makes me think about what I'm going to eat that day and reading all of the posts that get logged on the Peas & Crayons site gives me all kinds of ideas on new things to eat.

What did you eat today?


  1. WIAW keeps me focused on healthy, balanced eating too. Love seeing other ideas as well.

    Good idea freezing muffins!

    I don't know how you still have Christmas goodies in the freezer. They are long gone at our house!

  2. Ditto to the muffin freezing. I wonder if that would keep me from eating them all in one day... :)

    I don't know if I could ever do this--I don't eat all the beautiful healthy meals like everyone else! Course I'm sure that's part of the point - accountability to eat good!

  3. The pot pie looks great! Nothing beats home made!


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