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Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend shopping trip!

I may have had a bit of a schizophrenic shopping trip on Saturday:

Yes, I spent the same amount on booze as I did at the health food store buying supplements.

What I bought:


Kahlua, Bailey’s, 1664 Blanc, Sapporo.

The 1664 Blanc is a wheat beer with a citrus flavour that should be served with a wedge of orange. This is the first time I’ve tried it and I really enjoyed it. Plus the bottle is a really cool blue. You can only get this at the LCBO (in Ontario).

Sapporo is the oldest Japanese beer around and is now brewed down the street in Guelph at the Sleeman Brewery. It’s good beer, but this purchase was for my husband.

Kahlua + Bailey’s + Coffee + Whipped Cream = cottage coffee. Otherwise known as a great post-run afternoon treat!

Health store:

Probiotic pills – I was out

Immunity Plus drops – The pharmacist (? Is that what you call them) at the store said to drink some juice, shoot a full dropper down my throat and chase with juice. This was fine. The taste is a bit alcohol-y (not that I have any problem with that – see above). I’m taking this at her suggestion instead of oil of oregano to help keep me healthy as I spend so much time sweating outside these days.

Pure Essential Greens Concentrate – I noticed last week that I had full days where my ratio of fruit to vegetables was really off. I love smoothies and figured that with all the goodness that I add to my smoothies, I could likely choke back some greens added to them as well. When I opened the container, I almost gagged as this stuff smells like fish food. I made my smoothie (frozen strawberries, banana, kiwifruit, yogurt, milk, protein powder, (took some out for Fergus, 17 months who is OBSESSED with smoothies), ground flax and fish oil) and added the concentrate. My older son, Alasdair and I were amazed by how green a scant teaspoon of this fish food concentrate turned the smoothie. It tasted fine to me, but there was a bit (a tiny bit) of an odd aftertaste. I think this is a good compromise to getting more greens into my diet though.

How was your weekend? Did you make any neat purchases?


  1. There's nothing wrong on stock piling your booze but that's hilarious that the cost equaled the same as your health food LOL

  2. Sounds like a good balance to me!

    I usualy do Oil of Oregano though I HATE the taste & smell. I may try those drops next time.


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