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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Clearly I need to update!

We went to Ottawa and Winterlude over this past long weekend and I didn’t track what I ate nor do any exercise and then I spent Tuesday just being a vegetable.

So, onward to Feb 18/09 and I’m back in the swing of things (a bit)

B: 1/3 cup of all bran buds, 1/3 cup cheerios, coffee
S: Handful of almonds
Ex: Curves
L: Homemade turkey soup, probiotic yogurt drink
S: Tossed greens salad from salad bar (olives, feta, yellow and red peppers, mushrooms)
Extra: got my hair cut!
S: Small chocolate milk, small bag of crispers
Ex: 40 min run for 5km – brutal! Likely because I hadn’t eaten properly
S: Apple
H20: 2L

I’m still hopeful that I’ll get to my monthly 60km goal. I’m only 1 run behind I think, so I’ll just double up on the weekend. What the past two runs have told me is that I require calories prior to a run. It is just way to difficult to make it through the 5+ km on next to nothing.

Also, I weighed in yesterday: 153.2lbs. I have no comment on that.

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