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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feb 3/09

I’ve decided to really run with this running thing! HA! I’ve set a goal for myself for the month and the year and I really hope to meet it. I am also going to look into some 5k races, but likely not any learn to run program as my fitness fees are maxed for the year with my Curves membership. You will be able to track my progress by my tickers which are now included in the header.

B: Banana
Ex: Curves – have I ever mentioned that when I go to Curves in the AM, it means that I’m up by 5:30 (I am actually up every day at this time) and out the door by 6:00 to get to the gym by 7:30? This is why I always have B#2 on those days.
B#2: All Bran buds with yogurt and coffee
L: Pork sandwich on whole wheat
S: Apple
D: Sheppard’s Pie
S: Nibs, peanuts
H20: Over 2L

So I started the All Bran Bud challenge. Basically you are supposed to eat 1/3 cup every day for two weeks and it’ll help you to become “regular”. I mix them with yogurt or other cereal. I don’t think I get enough fibre in my diet so I’m adding these to help me in that department. I’ll report back on how I feel in two weeks.

And yes, I suck. I snacked at night again. I’m having a VERY meh week I guess.

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