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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Feb 5/6 09

I've had an okay couple of days.

Feb 5/09
B: All Bran Buds and Cheerios, coffee
Ex: Curves 30 min
L: Tuna sandwich on whole wheat, yogurt
S: Grapes, Oatmeal cookie
D: Salmon in Diane's herb and garlic (so YUM), long grain and wild rice, broccoli, milk, cookie
S: pint of beer (Softball executive meeting)

Feb 6/09
B: 1/2 plate of fruit, croissant, 2x coffee
Ex: Curves 30 min
L: Chicken Fajita
S: cookie
D: Tomato soup
S: 4x rye with coke zero (two cans total), nibs, peanuts.

I've really been working hard at Curves this week. The problem with Curves for me is that you can really slack off and not push yourself, so I'm working hard so that does not happen. I'm getting my heartbeat up to 80% and my aim is to keep that going. I'm also working hard on the machines from start to finish to ensure I'm getting all that I can out of the workouts.

I had a boozy Friday night which was spent online chatting with friends. So much for the no drinks until Vancouver plan!

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