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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mississauga Marathon training week 15!

We are so close now! Another great week where I didn’t let stuff like work get in the way of running!

Monday: Rest. My legs felt great – the cold water bath the day before totally helped.

Tuesday: Treadmill tempo day! Based on my run for the 10k virtual race, I decided to up my tempo pace to 5:14/km and it felt easy! I won’t up it again before the marathon though. 10 min warm up, 20 min tempo, 10 min cool down. 7k, 40:00

Wednesday: Fartlek’s take two! We ran on the trails around the lake again and the goal was to run fast half way around the lake and then easy for the other half. We did this three times. Our first loop was short though: 347m @ 4:24/km pace, 667m @4:52/km pace, 680m @4:45/km pace. I can’t wait to get back to the track in the summer! I love these types of runs. 11.05k, 1:05:48

Thursday: This day started VERY early as I was on a 7am flight to Vancouver for work. We got to Vancouver, did what we needed to do and went for lunch. I returned to the hotel and got some email correspondence out of the way and hit the treadmill at the hotel gym for my scheduled run. I could have run through Stanley Park, but I have a horrible sense of direction and didn’t want to get lost! 10k, 1:04:24

Friday: Fly home. All day. We were lucky to get on a flight considering the fact that 44 were cancelled when Air Canada pilots called in sick.

Saturday: My usual loop around the neighbourhood, not looking at my watch. I think I may start to run these “naked” so that I can run without paying any attention to pace. 6.25k, 38:46

Sunday: My longest run ever! Our clinic met at UofT Mississauga and headed out to run the last 32k of the marathon route. The start of the run was nice – overcast, cool but not cold. The middle of the run was horrible: we ran though a downpour and were able to wring out our shirts. There were other groups running the route and it was fun to see other runners doing the very same thing as us. When we ended at the Lakefront Promenade, there were people to cheer for us and then we carpooled back to UofTM. The rain had stopped by this time and we were able to help ourselves to the (dry-assed) cake I made to celebrate Julie’s birthday (I think the cake was well received even if it was dry!). 33k (I rounded out the run), 3:33:12

Total KM: 67.3, Total time: 7:02:10, Average pace per KM: 0:06:16

19 days until race day.

I’m ready.



  1. LMAO @ letting things like work get in the way of your running. Atta girl! Amazing that you already feel so confident for your first marathon! Go get 'em!

  2. Time goes by fast, it'll be marathon time in no time. Training going well...woo hoo!

  3. HEY!!! We did the same route on Sunday. We started @ Square One and ended up at Lakefront area. I noticed all the runners we saw on Sunday was very friendly. Made for a great day in the rain.

  4. Great week! The Mississauga Marathon really is around the corner and I know you will do great!


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