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Monday, April 9, 2012

Mississauga Marathon Training weeks 13 + 14

Delayed post as last week was super crazy, busy.

Week 13

Monday: Rest!

Tuesday: I was at a conference all day, so I couldn't run during the day. i ended up doing a neighbourhood loop after I got home, just running easy. 7.13k, 45:32

Wednesday: Fergus and I had to head to the doctors in the morning to get some booster shots, so I was able to fit in an early morning (6am) run. This was especially good as my husband had to work late so I was going to miss the group run anyway. 6.2k, 39:17

Thursday: Ali Mc's virtual 10k race. I asked my clinic leader to run with me and told him about the race. He was game and chatted my ear off the entire way while I grunted out answers. He totally kept me going and I amazed myself by surpassing my in going goal of 55min. 10k, 52:34. this is a PB!

Friday: Rest

Saturday: It was the day after I hosted our book club which always means a late night with a few glasses of wine. My husband let me sleep in until 8am though, so the 8k through town wasn't difficult at all. 8k, 50:34

Sunday: Group LSD run. We ran through rain, hail and wind, but got the cut back distance done! 23k, 2:28:00

Total KM: 54.33, Total Time: 5:35:57, Average pace per KM: 0:06:11

Week 14

This week was SUPER busy at work, plus everyone was off for Good Friday, but somehow, I made it work and got my total distance in.

Monday: rest

Tuesday: I worked until 10pm (a 14 hour day), so I didn't run.

Wednesday: It was our first night of Fartleks. Chris, our clinic leader, decided that we'd do a "leap frog" set around a community lake. Basically the group spreads out with about 40-50 meters between everyone and runs easy. The person at the back then runs to the front of the line as fast and they can and slows into their easy pace. Rinse and repeat. I think we did it four times? It made the run go VERY quickly, but man it was hard (and fun). 9.65k, 59:09

Thursday: Another crazy day! I flew to Montreal on the 0825 flight and was back in Toronto by 1630. I picked up my gym stuff at the office and headed to the gym as I had Leafs tickets as well. I wasn't feeling any kind of speed work or anything, so I just ran easy while watching the Jays on my personal TV. 5k, 30:11

Friday: Normally I would rest on Friday, but I knew I had to run as I had missed Tuesday and Saturday was full of family and feasting (we hosted my husband's side). After lunch, I set off for 16k through town on my normal route. I was cruising along at quick speeds during the first few km, so I decided to turn the last 10k into a MRP run (5:42/km). I couldn't keep my legs slow and ended the 10k with an average of 5:32/km. Whoops. It does make me a bit more confident for May 6th though. More thoughts on this later. 16k, 1:32:42

Saturday: Rest. Turkey. Family

Sunday: Group LSD. Our fourth time on this 29k route and it was a PERFECT day for running. I struggled to keep my pace in a true LSD pace and would often pull away from the girls running around 6:35/6:40, ended up at 6:25/6:30. I managed to keep myself with them until the last six KM when I just started cruising. I felt pretty bad at the end of the run and I think that I'm going to need to run with sports drink in my of my bottles as the weather warms up. I think I need the salt. 29k, 3:11:19

Total KM: 59.65, Total Time: 6:13:21, Average pace per KM: 0:06:16

4 weeks until the marathon. In a way it can't come fast enough. This week brings my first and only 20 mile (32k) training run.


  1. Training going great!! Well done.

  2. Great job!! So many LSDs in a row, you're a trooper. The upcoming weekend will be my longest run as well, but I am going by time, 3h. I think I can squeeze in 28k. However, I will be travelling to Europe, so I need to do this in Paris, oh la la! I am scared. Paris is pretty small when you think about it.
    May 6 cannot come quick enough. You seem to be ready! :-)

  3. I LOVE leapfrogs or rabbit runs as well also call them.
    ...except when it just me and the speedsters. They never take pity on me...

  4. Great job on your new 10k PB. I hope the 20 mile run goes well!


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