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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mississauga Marathon Training Week 16

It was the first week of the taper and we still ran quite a lot of KM, so I'm feeling fine. Well, I'm starting to worry about my time goal, but more on that later.

Monday: Rest. I felt pretty good considering the 33k in the rain the day before. I wore my ugly flat work shoes instead of heels to work and I'm sure that helped.

Tuesday: Tempo Tuesday! I ran after the kids went to bed as there was no time in the day at work. I did the usual 10 minute warm up and 20 minutes of tempo with the rest to cool down. I was aiming for a 5:14/km pace, but without the treadmill to keep me consistent, I ended up with a 5:09/km tempo pace. Oh well. 7.5k, 42:36
Wednesday: To the lake for Fartleks. We did three half loops as Fartleks and I messed up on the first, hitting stop instead of lap on my watch, so the distance and time is a bit messed up. We were aiming for a 4:45/km Fartlek pace (running with Paul again). 596m: 4:48/km pace, 710m: 4:42/km pace, 707m: 4:36/km pace. This felt good even if my IT band was a bit sore. I feel like I could have run faster on the Fartleks. 11k, 1:06:51

Thursday: We had a very small group to run with as two people were unable to run. I was the middle of the pack runner on this night so I ended up running alone along the trails, looping two community lakes. It was a nice run and I tried to ignore my watch and run by feel. I ran in my new New Balance Short Shorts and they felt good! 11k, 1:07:31

Friday: Rest

Saturday: I managed to squeeze in this run between grocery shopping and a family visit from Ken's sister and her husband (my brother in law, Joe ran the Toronto 10k on Sunday). I covered my watch, didn't look at it once and enjoyed the "free" running. 6k, 36:56

Sunday: Our cut back LSD at 23k. I ran with Paul again and we got a bit lost after we completely missed a turn and ended up about 3km short. We quickly found a way to make it up by hitting the trails and managed to run the last 10k at targeted MRP (5:41/km). The last 10k had an average pace of 5:39. It was cold and windy, but still a great run and it felt good to run strongly after 13k of easy running. 23k, 2:18:55

Total KM: 58.5, Total Time: 5:52:49, Average pace per KM: 0:06:02

12 days left!


  1. You are a trooper!! That's a lot of kms for a week of taper. Good job :-)

  2. Another great week of training! Enjoy the taper.. It's hard to set a time goal for a first marathon. I had two pace bands...one for 4:15 which was my plan and the 4:00 which was John Stanton's plan. I got it from him at the expo and he said "you never know if the wind is right". Ultimately the goal of every marathon though, to finish upright and standing.


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