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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday

Another day of Tuesday eats. I really tried to document what I ate after my long (23k) run on Sunday, but I totally forgot! Let's say it involved a new protein bar that I loved (chocolate vector) and movie theatre hot dog and popcorn (Alasdair and I went to see the Lorax!). Oh well. I'll do my very best to capture my day in eats on marathon day (a mere 11 days away - eek!)! I totally missed the veggie meme on this day.

Breakfast #1 - it was a rushed morning so I only had time for yogurt mixed with fish oil before I booted it to the train.
Once I was at work, I enjoyed my homemade oatmeal, banana and chocolate chip muffin and a banana.
I spent 9-12noon in a meeting and I drank a coffee and all of my water and ate half a cheddar tea biscuit. I also had an un-pictured yogurt before my later than usual run (1:30pm).
Once I was back from the gym, I was glad to have more a snacky lunch then a sandwich or something. I ate the two homemade turkey bacon and thyme mini quiche I made on the weekend.
I also enjoyed this bunch of grapes and about 10 baby carrots
Dinner on Tuesday is always crazy as my husband has both boys alone and I don't get in until 6pm. We decided to have left over’s for him and Alasdair while Fegus ate a scrambled egg, toast and fruit and I had a homemade bacon, egg and cheese mcmuffin (with real bacon! YUM - Ken can't eat pork so we normally only have turkey bacon) and a hash brown.
I spent the evening on the couch with the computer clearing my inbox of over 500 emails. That kind of work deserves a treat. The chocolate was actually pretty nice which is a change because I usually find Easter chocolate waxy.

And there is my day in eats. 1620 Calories, 206 Carbs, 76 Fat, 51 Protein.


  1. Ooh, those quiches are SO cute - and sound delicious! You must be getting pumped for the marathon :)

  2. I learned this year to not buy the Easter Candy that I crave. I mean, I told the Easter Bunny not to do that. Because he's real, don't you know? :)

    Those quiches look yummy!

  3. whoa yogurt mixed with fish oil? does that taste weird? i take fish oil supplements twice a day (for dry eyes), but they are in capsule form. you have me curious...


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