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Thursday, November 8, 2012

October Recap!

Sorry for the delay in writing this post! This past week has been CRAZY with everything that is going on. We bought a new house on October 31st and now our current house is for sale:

Would you like to buy our lovely home?

Plus, I ran a half marathon this past weekend AND work is super busy as we are on-boarding a set of new advertising and media agencies (way more cool then it sounds, but if you want a hilarious portrayal of what working for an agency CAN be like, read this). Without further ado:

# of runs: 14

Longest run: 22k on Thanksgiving morning with Bridgett!

Races: The character building Niagara Falls Half Marathon

Highlight run of the month: my run with Simon Whitfield and Adam Van Koeverden

Total KM: 122.6k – This is my lowest month of the year. My next lowest month was September at 140.9k Can you tell that I'm at the end of the year?

Total time spent running: 11h51m00s

Average pace per KM: 0:05:48

Well, November started strong with the Hamilton Half Marathon and I can't wait to continue along the next two months with the off season. I hope to get at least between 125-150k in each month, and improve my core, but I'm going to also cut myself some slack (at least until those Halloween candies are gone).

I hope you had a great month! Are November and December "off-season" months for you too? How do you adjust to running in the colder weather?


  1. Sounds like a really good month, especially meeting the Olympians. Good luck with your house sale.

  2. Your existing house is very pretty as well. Hope it sells quicky for you! I hear you on the halloween candy!!

    1. Seriously. It makes it much worst that Fergus has no idea so I can eat all of his!


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