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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Taking the week off

Take a look at my week in running last week. 


I didn't run at all.

On Monday, I did the "Hot 100s" (100 seconds of plank, 50s each of side plank and 100s of wall sit) and then I started to get a cold. 

By Wednesday, it was a full on, horrible cold.

I decided to take the entire week off of any kind of exercise and to just be.

I haven't done this since last November after I hurt my knees on the downhill at the Hamilton Half Marathon.

It felt great to not have to worry about fitting in a run and to just let go.

Do you know what else felt great?

This morning's run:

That's 5:46 in the AM people!

Woo! Back at it!

It sucks that I wasn't well, but I think the time off has refocused my off season. I'm looking forward to keeping the mileage up in the coming weeks.

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  1. Hope the cold clears up quckly Nicole. The rest did you good I'm sure!


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