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Monday, November 19, 2012

The 6am long run

Yesterday I did something I haven't done since the summer when I was training for the midsummer night's 30k race.

I got up at 0515, ate and went for a long, solo run.

I was out the door by 0618 and headed down the road on my way to 18k with only my playlist and the fog as company.

And it felt good.

I had forgotten how enjoyable it is to simply run with your own company.

I worked out some problems, crossed the finish line of my second marathon, crossed a finish line with a BQ time and even didn't think at all. I planned meals, solved work problems and sold my house a few times over. I let those 18km and 112 minutes wash over me and send me to a peaceful and happy place.

I didn't look at my watch and let my easy pace just evolve and land where it would (6:07/km on average for the run).

I was home by 0815.

It doesn't get much better then having the privilege to be able to do the run that I did.

Safely and with the support of my loved ones.

Despite house-selling, work and other stresses, I'm lucky.

I really, really am.

So my friends. The next time you need to work something out, may I suggest a long, solo early morning run?


  1. Nice, I wonder... do you wear a lamp or reflective gear when you run in the dark? I haven't run in the dark yet and really wondering about this kind of stuff... so many of the runners by my windows are wearing lamps and flashing lights on their arms and shoes, even a dinnertime.

    1. Hi Elle,

      I have the Energizer head lamp that I got at the 2011 race. I really like it and feel much safer with it. Even when I run with my group on winter nights, I wear it. It also makes checking my watch for pace much easier! You can get them at running room or MEC.

  2. Yep I too love my early o'clock runs - just me, the road, no music and the zombies I run from.

  3. I LOVE long solo runs. It's kind of my thing....although in the cold I prefer the company of others. I can't wait to run long with Colin......and you!

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  5. Sounds like you had a great run....hopefully relieved some stress.


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