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Friday, November 2, 2012

Hamilton Half Marathon Race Goals

Well, this Sunday I will run my second half marathon at the Road 2 Hope Hamilton Marathon. However my goals are a bit different for this race.

I will be pacing my stranger virtual friend, Ali as she runs her very first half marathon. I've "known" Ali for about a year or so and "met" her on Daily Mile. Then I started reading her blog and knew that I had found someone who I could like for real. She is open, honest and funny and tries her best not to miss a weekday update about her running, or baking or son or just life. Plus, she always has a smile and thumbs up for almost any occasion!
Ali Mc. Thumbs up and smiling all the time!

I volunteered to be her personal pacer after she worried that she would go out too fast and crash and burn during the race. When she said that her goal was 2:15, I knew that I could help her achieve that goal and that I'd have a great time doing so. So my goals have nothing to do with time for this race.

My goals (in no particular order)

  • Be a respectful partner. This is not MY race. It is Ali's race. I intend to listen to her and take her seriously. Of course, I do follow her training via her blog and on DailyMile, so I have a certain expectation of what she is capable of, but this is one day and anything can happen.
  • Keep on the slower pace. At least for the first half (the exception will be the Red Hill Valley Expressway). Don't tell Ali, but I'm a wee bit worried about this. 
  • Be positive. Easy peasy. I love to run and I love when others love to run. Done.
  • Be a cheerleader when needed. Be a hardass coach when needed. There will be lots of thumbs up, positive re-enforcement and cheering. If needed, there will also be some hard talk. Especially at the last bit.
  • #runnerd out for every photo opp that I notice.
  • Get major cheers for this first-timer whenever I can.
  • Cross the finish line after Ali.
  • Get Ali across the line in 2:15 or better.
I'm ready and (whether she knows it or not), so is Ali.

I'm bib #2647, Ali is bib #3523

Cheer us on if you see us!

See you after the finish!


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...no I'm a wee bit worried :P lol

    EVERY single race that I've done I've ended up getting sick or injured before and my training has sucked for weeks prior....and then on race day I pull faster speeds out of my ass - so here's hoping!

    the only exception was last years ATB I had been off running for over a month and I was super slow. :(

    Anyway I think this will be great! I've been nervous for a few days but I'm just going to foam roll like crazy and keep drinking water ;)

    Cant wait to meet you!!!! thumbs ups all over the town!

  2. That's awesome, you are both going to do great I'm sure! Have fun.


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