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Friday, April 5, 2013

March Recap!

March! In like a Lion, OUT like... a Lion! We had some good days during March for sure, but winter held on and the cold and wind continued to be a challenge. I see March as make or break month in terms of spring marathon training because you have to put in the long runs, the speed work, the hills, the easy runs in order to get to April where it all comes to a head with some 20 milers and then the taper (my marathon will be May 5th)

# of runs: 19

Longest Run: Around the Bay! 30.15k according to my Garmin!

Races: 2! First there was an amazing PB at the Chilly Half Marathon and then there was the Around the Bay (which ended up being a PB even though we didn't race it).

Highlight run of the Month: This is really hard to decide. I had amazing moments during both races. I would have to say though, having Henry continue to show up at the 19k mark of our long Sunday runs with a van of goodness is a highlight for sure:

Total KM: 253.86k

Total time spent running: 24h27m21s

Average pace per KM: 0:05:47 - Obvs having a huge time at Chilly with an average pace of 0:05:18/km helps me out here, but only one of my runs was at over 6min/km.

April is going well so far! This Sunday we are heading out for our first 32k (20mi) run and I know that will be fun. And yes, Henry will be there.


  1. Great month Nicole! Two PB's in one month is quite the accomplishment, especially when you weren't even trying for one! Good luck with the 20 miler tomorrow!

  2. A very good month with 2 great races and an impressive mileage. Congrats.


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