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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday!

I'm returning to the party hosted by Jenn (click link above) as I've finally remembered to document my entire day of eats! I'm not going to lie people, while I'm trying to do my best to lose some lbs (which includes tracking food via MyFitnessPal), it is not going so well. I always stall out around 131-133 and I'm stalled again here. I don't think it helps that, in week 15 of marathon training, I'm starving for two plus days post the Sunday long run. Couple that with my willpower which wanes as soon as the kids are in bed and you have a recipe for a 2,291 calorie day (minus 451 for exercise). Oh well. All I can do is keep up the good fight.

The day started with an un-pictured banana and a tempo run on the treadmill (35 min total with 20 min of tempo at 4:58/km pace). Once I showered up and hit the train, I enjoyed some mini croissants with peanut butter and this horrible sports drink (I buy a mixed pack so I have to drink it).

Starving by 10am (yes I don't take care of my nails. I always mean to and never do).

Amazing lunch. I had totally forgotten that I put that leftover potato in my lunch bag so I was all excited when I pulled it out. I was kinda sad when lunch was over.
I had this for desert (not sure what race this came from. Again, horrible nails). This bar is so yummy. I need to get to Costco and get a box!

Train snack! I almost forgot to take the photo! This little container was full. These are the best grapes I've had in a long time. I always find that we never finish grapes when I buy them. I'm trying to get much better about this.

Tuesday dinner. A classic. The One-Pot Mac and Cheese is amazing, easy and I promise you have all of the ingredients in your pantry (it doesn't need the nutmeg). As you may recall, Tuesday's are crazy nights in our house as my husband has kid duty with both kids and we try to get to family swim for 7pm. I got home last night at 6:30, but we made it!

And here comes the lack of will power (after the kids were in bed)
OMG I don't think I could love Sir Perry's cider any more than I do. The popcorn isn't bad. 100 calorie mini bag. Not a bad nightcap. If I had stopped there. But I didn't.
My mother-in-law always makes sure that the Easter Bunny visits the grown kids too. :-)

So, there you have it. My day in eats for Tuesday, April 9, 2013. I started strong and went kinda downhill. But I always tell people that I run so much so that I can enjoy eating what I want (within reason). I mean you gotta enjoy life and for me that includes enjoying food and drink!


  1. Haha, I like your eats ;) Except for the hotdogs, if those are hotdogs, and I would eat them if they are turkey hotdogs.

    I'll try to remember to document my eats one week so that you can see how I eat!

    1. We always have chicken dogs because my husband can't eat pork. MMMM, hot dogs.

  2. Hot dogs... good choice. I forgot how good those babies can be! :)

    1. Amazing, especially when you get those fresh, not-good-for-you white buns


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