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Friday, April 19, 2013

Review: Lululemon running shorts and top

Look. I'm not a fashion person. I tend to always heed my mum's advice to buy "Classic" clothing items which are well made so that I can wear them for years to come and still be in style.

In terms of running clothing, I have a few things working against me:

1) I'm cheap

2) I don't really care about fashion over comfort

I've been racing pretty non-stop since 2011 when I ran my first half marathon:
Look. I matched my tops.

But I've always been more concerned about how I felt when I raced, than what I looked like:
Bread and Honey 15k, 2011
Zoo 10k, 2011
Hamilton Half Marathon, 2011
Chilly Half Marathon, 2012 - a windbreaker from MEC
Around the Bay, 2012 - I look good here, no? 
Niagara Falls Half Marathon, 2012 - another good look, right?

There have been man-shorts (what I deal I got on these! On clearance for $4 and still one of my fave pairs to run in)
Mississauga Marathon, 2012

Midsummer Night's Run, 30k, 2012

So I'm sure it is no surprise to any of you to learn that I've never purchased anything at Lululemon on my own. My husband has spoiled me by purchasing me items there (because all of his friend's wives had those hoodies too), but never have I set foot in the store to buy my own stuff. When I left my old job, the going away drinks coincided with my birthday and my lovely colleagues got me a $100 gift card for Lulu. I decided that I needed a new marathon outfit and for once, I was going to be vain and get something a bit more fashionable (though I'd be totally fine in my man-shorts again. They really are awesome).

So I bought this:
I even got a manicure to match my nails!
Groovy Run Shorts and Mile a Minute Tank (in freaking hot PINK!). I'll give you moment to have a good chuckle at those names.

 My hat is my beloved Nike Golf hat which the Globe and Mail gave out at their golf tournament last year. My shoes are Brooks Ravenna 4s:

I ran in this outfit last Sunday when I did my final LSD run of 34k. I wasn't expecting to find true (running clothes) love.

But I did.


Are you kidding me with this tank and these shorts? The are seriously AMAZING!!!!! 

Shorts: Sit below the belly button and stay in place. They have built in gel pockets in the waist band and a drawstring for a tighter fit. They didn't rise up with the potential to show my 36 year old mum-ass to the world and with the build in undies (and some strategic Vaseline), I had NO chaffing (none. Nada).

The top. When I tried on a million four different tops in store, the sales girl (I can call her a girl, I've got at least 15 years on her) kept telling me that I'd love the Mile a Minute Tank (Jesus, that NAME!) because it was really supportive. I kinda rolled my B-cup eyes (in my head), but thanked her for the tip. 


Never have I been more supported. I mean, I never really noticed the fun-bags flipping and flopping around in the past.

(in fact the only time I've been bothered is when I was nursing and out for a long run and had gone too long between feeds. Rocks. Man. If you've nursed, you know. If not, carry on)

Support has never been a concern for me. But. 


Being properly supported with this silky, soft (stupidly named) tank top was amazing. Like the shorts, the top stayed in place and didn't chaff at all. I didn't use the internal boob key pocket, so I can't comment on that. 

This outfit is so seriously amazing, that I'm considering spending $126 of my own money to go buy the exact same thing in a different colour. That's the price of shoes for the sake of John Stanton!

So, you've got a convert you over priced reasonably priced for the value, hippy, yoga store. 

And now, my fashionista running friends can freely run with me instead of just pretending that I'm a good pacer. So my friends, if you're planning at being at the finish line of the Mississauga Marathon on May 5th around 11:30am or so, look for me.

I'll be the fashionable one.

Lululemon did not give me a thing for this review. But I will take anything they have to offer.


  1. Love this post! Made me laugh and great info too. I'm pretty cheap too and have never bought anything in Lulu, in fact only ever walked in once, and then turned around and left! Good info though. Especially about the tank being supportive. Wonder how it holds up in the rain though...test it out and let me know.

  2. Another suburban mom converts!
    This post is awesome in too many ways!


  3. This post made me laugh. I love me some Lululemon - Groovy run shorts are the only ones I've found that actually fit me properly. I'm also a big fan of their Tall Pace Run Skirts.

  4. Hahaha, awesome!! You do look amazing in that outfit, but nuh huh, I don't think I'll buy anything in there any time soon. I only set foot in one of their stores once and given how everything was $80 and up I ran as fast as I could out. A minute mile fast!! Now... if someone treats me with a Lulu giftcard, maaaaybe, but knowing my taste in stuff, it better be $150 or higher. Alas I won't be able to cheer on you and judge the performance of that inner boob-covers because I will be running on the other side of town, but if all the pictures are going to be as cute as this one, I won't be disappointed ;-) Have a fantastic day in Lulu hot pink! You're going to rock those hills.

  5. Never have set foot inside a Lulu store myself. But your outfit is darned cute and I love that you matched your nails!

  6. haha.. awesome! I am a power y + CRB fan as well as No Limits Tank. I do not like shorts so wear mostly run inspire crops in the spring/fall & pacesetter skirts in the summer. I have 1 pair of shorts, groovy's and they are the only ones I like for shorts from lulu.

  7. I just have to comment that you look fabulous in that outfit!!

  8. haven't given in to the lulu myself yet, but glad to hear it worked well for you! i love that bright pink!!

  9. I would like to buy red colored used Lululemon yoga dress due to budget issue. So, I was looking for numerous discounted online stores. Please help and recommend some best sites.


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