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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

MIssissauga Marathon Training Weeks 12 & 13!


So sorry about the delay in posting after last weeks race recap! I started a new job on Monday and then it was the Easter long weekend and we hosted my in-laws and my husband's brother's family. We had six adults and five kids from Friday night on. The cousins really go along well and the adults did as well. We ate tonnes and had a lovely time. Our new house held everyone just fine as well. The only thing that could have been better would be the weather. Too bad it was so cold.

Week 12

Monday: Rest and refuel after the 29k long run.

Tuesday:  Time on my feet run. I was supposed to do 6k with tempo but just did 8k easy. 46:08

Wednesday: Thomas Street Hills. Nine hills. This felt really good and set me up to feel extra confident about ATB. 12.5k, 1:12:35

Thursday: It was my 36th birthday! I woke up at 0500 and headed out to run 3.6 miles in celebration. Later that night, my old work colleagues took me out to celebrate and say goodbye. I was able to stay in Toronto that night and started my carb load for ATB after checking into the hotel around 10:30:

Friday: Rest (recover from slight hangover):

Breakfast of champs

Saturday: I've detailed this in my ATB recap. I wanted to run, but couldn't fit it in.

Sunday: Around the Bay 30k Run! 30.15k, 2:53:00

Total KM: 56.43k, Total Time: 5:25:58, Average Pace per KM: 0:05:47

Week 13

Monday: Rest. Start my new job. My desk is on the third floor. The elevator is broken. This works especially well after a 30k run the day before.

Tuesday: I didn't want to get out of bed at all when the 0500 alarm went, but I talked myself into the run by telling myself that I'd blow off tempo and just get the KMs in. I ended up around marathon race pace, so all was not lost! 6k, 33:54

Wednesday: A Thomas Street hill record for me! TEN repeats! I am so ready to say goodbye to this round of hill training. Wayne and I ran this together and it didn't actually feel that bad considering the Around the Bay run was only a few days behind us. 13.65k, 1:20:38

Thursday: Run with the marathon clinic. We recruited some people from the Around the Bay clinic to join us so answered some of their questions about the marathon (well, Chris did) and we exchanged stories about Around the Bay. Then it was off for a lovely run around the community lake. I was a bit tired and had to keep asking Wayne to slow down a bit. HA! 10k, 56:24

Friday: Good Friday is a stat holiday so everyone was home. I planned to run my cut-back LSD run because of family visiting all weekend. I was so pleased when I got a text on Thursday from Bridget asking if she could join me for 15-16k (we live pretty much on the same street now). I ran an out and back for 7k and then got her for the rest of the run. This was a challenge with all of the running I had done in the week plus the fact that it was only 5 days after ATB (Sunday-Friday I ran 82.65k), but I know it will help me around 34-37k in the marathon. I didn't take any gels and drank only water on the run but was super thirsty the whole time. 22.5k, 2:15:15

Saturday, Sunday: Rest/family time.

Total KM: 52.16k, Total Time: 5:06:11, Average Pace per KM: 0:05:52

Five weeks until the marathon. Confidence is growing and we have our first 32k (20mi) run this Sunday. Now if only the weather would warm up!


  1. Great weeks Nicole! Sounds like you had a nice time with your houseful of people!

  2. You keep very busy Nicole! I should pay better attention to your "What I Ate Wednesdays" so I can figure out how to have as much energy as you!

    1. Ahh! I've been off the WIAW bandwagon for a bit! I just keep forgetting to take photos! FAIL.

  3. Happy B day (belated). Was nice to see you at ATB. Looks like your training is going well

  4. Great week of training! Happy Birthday again as well. Yeah three flights of stairs for me the day after ATB would have been rough lol.


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