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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Taaaappper Madnesssss


Taper madness has struck the group I've been training with for the last 16 weeks.

We showed up for the free group run yesterday at 6:30 (in the freaking cold, windy RAIN), and all of us were like:

I may have It might have been suggested that we hit up Jack Astor's for a few pints instead of the rainy, windy, cold trails. But in the end, we all got out there and ran our 12k. In fact, Wayne and I did an impromptu race pace run, averaging 5:30/km over 12k even with some brutal headwinds.

Which lead to this:

10 days until race day.


  1. Enjoy the taper, it's part of the adventure!

  2. Love the graphics. You're a meme-monster Nicole!

    1. Not really, I just stole them off the net


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