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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mississauga Marathon: Race Day Strategy

I wrote this out last year and found that putting it all down really helped me prepare. So, here are my thoughts on strategy for this, my second marathon race.

Strategy Clothing:

This one is super easy. I'm wearing this:
Which I reviewed here. The additions will be my trusty Oakley sunnies which rest really well on the top of my hat if I don't need them but I will. Sunscreen and wrightsocks will complete the look.

Strategy Fuel and Water:

Breakfast will be around 5:30am at the latest and will be a small coffee, whole grain bagel with butter and peanut butter. Maybe a small apple juice. I pray to everything holy that this combo will help me use the washroom effectively. I will also bring a banana to the start line to eat around 6:45-7am. I will carry a 500mL toss away bottle of water with me at the beginning of the race and just like last year, I will toss it at a water station, likely around 8 or 10k. I will bring 5 GU gels with me and take one every 8-9k. I will take at least four and then evaluate if I need the last one. I will carry mint gum and chapstick to help with dry mouth and lips. My plan is to walk through each water station after about 10k and drink one cup of water. After 32k, I will likely add Gatorade to the mix. If it is going to be as hot as it says, I will likely be dumping water over me as well.

Strategy Pace:

Stick to pace. Especially in the easy beginning. Let the hills come as they come and worry about overall pace, not the pace I'm running at that very moment. If possible, find the damn pacer (and if s/he's good), STICK WITH THEM. Try not to think about the pace at all. Try to just feel it.

Strategy Mental:

I will start without music and take it in. I will put that music on if I need it to get through the doldrums that can be 15-23km. Be a cheerleader for Wayne when he needs it. Let him cheer for me. Embrace the run. Enjoy the day. Enjoy the view and the kids. High-Five. Fist Bump (but don't expend extra energy!). Enjoy the out and back down Southdown like I did last year. Don't let the climbs on Meadow Wood or Lakeshore at 32k (yes, it SUCKS) break me. SUCK IT UP and GET IT DONE.


  1. I've rarely seen someone more committed than you. I know you can and you will, conquer this. And no pooping those Lulu pants!! I wish I could have cheered on you, but I'll be at the other end of the city this time. Have fun!!

  2. Sounds like you are ready!! Knock em dead!

  3. question:why introduce Gatorade after 32? Are you afraid it might cause GI issues? The only reason I ask is that if you are worried about electrolytes, it might be prudent to ingest the G earlier to ensure you get the benefits. Depending how fast your body uptakes the minerals 32 might be too late? Ultimately you know your body best, so this might be completely out-in-left-field

    1. I don't know. It is just what I did last year! HA! I always don't want the sweeter drinks before that and then towards the end, I need a "taste" not just water. So I don't think it has anything to do with electrolytes or GI stuff, just more a mental thing. If I want it before, I will totally be drinking it (and I may if the weather is as hot as it says it'll be)

  4. Sounds like a good plan Nicole. My race day breakfast is very similar, but I swap the whole wheat for white bagels and eat a small cup of greek yogurt.

  5. Good strategy Nicole. You can't go too slowly at the start!

    You've earned this! Now go reap the glory!!


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