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Friday, January 16, 2009

Catching up (Jan 13, 14, 15) + Weigh-In

I’m going to do my best to remember what I ate:

Jan 13:

B: Yogurt, orange
Ex: Curves
B#2: Banana bread (homemade), coffee
L: Mixed salad with balsamic, salami
S: Handful M&Ms
D: 5x scallops wrapped in bacon, some fries dipped in curry
Booze (so out with a friend): ½ pint HARP (does the brand of beer made a difference?), 1x gin drink, 4x vodka drinks, 3 ciggies – it could have been worst, I was only out until 9pm
H20: 2L

Jan 14:
B: Cranberry Almond Crunch, coffee, croissant (I blame the booze the night before)
Ex: Curves, I almost threw up. Seriously I could feel the booze and nicotine coming out of me
L: Beef stew, yoghurt
S: Orange, handful M&Ms
D: Pea Soup, Wheat thin crackers and 5 cubes of cheese (not really cubes, but whatever)
H20: over 2L

Jan 15:
B: Banana Bread, Yogurt, 2x coffee (small)
L: Egg and cheese sandwich
Ex: 32 mins treadmill, 3.7km, ran for 27 mins straight, started at 4.9 pace and moved to 4.7 then 4.5
S: handful of Tostitos, 2x lindor lindt
D: Mixed greens salad, pasta and meat/veggie sauce
S: Handful of NIBS
H20: over 2L

Jan 16 Weigh-In: 502.6lbs. BOO! UP 2.2 lbs! My own fault. I can’t just eat what I want and expect the lbs to stay away! The hubs is down 8lbs since Xmas though! Yippee!

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