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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jan 5/09

Back to work today and back to the routine. It is funny how we all wish for vacation and CAN’T WAIT for vacation and by the end of it, we are just SO HAPPY to be back to the routine of daily living. I know that this routine helps to keep my eating in check, for sure!

B: Oatmeal with Flax seed, coffee
S: Homemade banana muffin
L: Ground beef and potato curry, yoghurt
S: two Lindt Lindor chocolates and handful of almonds
S: Clementine – a horrible one too
D: Sheppard’s Pie (freezer meal!)
Ex: 30 min on the treadmill (more on that later)
S: Handful of Wheat Thin Crackers – likely about 15

H2O: Over 2L

Ah the thrill of the run. I don’t know why I decided to set a goal of running 5k in 30 minutes. I’ve no doubt been inspired by Marlene who writes a blog I just began to read before the holidays. You know, I’ve always insisted that I’m not a runner, but here I am gearing up to run a milestone. Odd. So far, I’m getting 3.4k done in 30 minutes. The pace I’m using on my treadmill is one that I’m going to stick with for the balance of the month and then I’m going to up it a bit. I have a program that will allow me to set the distance and just run it, but I like setting the time. I know I can do anything for 30 minutes. I run for about 25 of those, warming up and cooling down with a brisk walk before and after. So far my iPod has been on DMB, Live at Central Park, CD#2, tracks 1-4 (which is just perfect for 30 minutes), but I think I’ll have to find some more running tunes soon. I aspire to get outside on the road in the spring and to actually run a 5k race sometime this year. Crazy! I’m not even a runner.

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