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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jan 6/09

A GREAT day! Woot! I just need to keep the momentum going and going.

B: Yoghurt
Ex: Curves 30 mins – I dragged it this AM, I didn’t sleep well and was a bit sore from my run the night before, but I stuck it out and of course am glad that I did.
B #2: Homemade banana muffin, coffee
L: Leftover Sheppard’s pie
S: Handful of Almonds, 2x Lindt Lindors (I get multiple bags of these tasty treats every year thanks to hubs and the Mother in Law and I love to save them as treats for my lunch bag)
D: Lasagna (freezer meal #3 for the week), 1.5 ginger cookies (my kid robbed the other ½), glass of milk, cup of tea (I was FROZEN!).

H2O: Over 2L

Ironic: While watching the Biggest Loser and then Ruby last night, I was really snacky. I thought of my cupboard with its chips and popcorn (holiday leftovers) and even thought of the wheat thins, but decided to drink a glass of water instead as I was not hungry at all (a late dinner due to a delayed train will do that to a gal). I wonder if those people who watch these shows while pigging out understand the irony of what they do.

Hubs got on the treadmill after TBL as well. Yippee for full blown momentum in the house! We just need to keep it up!

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