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Monday, January 5, 2009

Jan 4/09

Tomorrow is the real start of the re-joiner to the health world, but I did my best today:

B: Banana muffin (homemade), coffee - I was up early and went to church (a mini resolution to keep!)
Ex: Cleaning for 1.5 hours - if that isn't exercise, then why do I sweat when I do it?
L: Brie, crackers, olives, clementine
S: cheese and crackers (I guess I was on a cracker roll)
D: Mixed salad with balsamic and ground beef and potato curry (Super Yum - and a meal from the freezer! We are eating all freezer meals this week).
S: Uh, 5 Quality Street. I discovered the caramel kind. Whoops.

H20: about 2L, give or take

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