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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jan 9/09

Like always I started the week off strong and ended on a low note. I guess I'm really only good for 4-5 days of pure motivation and will power because I ALWAYS seem to get screwed up by the end of the work week. I actually find it quite a bit easier to get on the treadmill in the middle of the afternoon while my kid naps on the weekend and once I've worked out, I usually am pretty good at keeping on track food wise. AH. I guess this is an issue (willpower) that I need to tackle.

B: Yogurt
S: Granola bar, coffee
L: Lasagna (homemade)
S: Licorice
D: Mixed greens and tuna casserole, cup of tea (at my parents - no cookies or jello or ice cream had though!)
S: Chips, 3x red wine (from the box! I'm slowly finishing it... it doesn't go sour at all... crazy, eh? Its been open since Dec 6/08).

Ex: Nada. I should have went to Curves on lunch but work was busy and I had to leave early for the kid's 2yr appointment so I just worked through.

H2O: 2L

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