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Monday, January 26, 2009

Jan 25/09

I’ve got to say that I’m feeling good about the way things are going for me and my fitness plan. Yes, I have yet to lose any real weight, but at least I’m sticking to the exercise part!

B (really this was brunch at around 10am post church): Scrambled egg, cheese and ham on a bun, 1 hashbrown, 1.5x beef sausage, 2x coffee
Ex: Ran around with the kid at an indoor playplace!
S: ¾ granny smith apple
Ex: 40 mins treadmill, 5.15km! I ran at 5.5 for a while, then 5.0 then ended at 5.5 again! I made it to 5km in 37.5 minutes! Woot! I felt like a champion!
S: Wheat thins, about 25.
D: Kickin’ Chicken from Eat, Shrink and be Merry, jasmine rice, corn
S: 100 calorie bag of popcorn

H20: Over 2L

My right knee gave me a wee bit of grief yesterday. Nothing that I had to stop over, but enough that I felt it for a while. My feet also seemed to hurt a bit. I should likely get some new runners/new orthotics especially if I’m going to run outside once the weather is better. There is a running room in my building so perhaps a little trip is in order. They will have to come out of next month’s budget though.

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